Welcome to the Green Springs Box R Ranch in Ashland, Oregon  - for 40 years one of the premier cattle and guest ranches in Oregon.  We're located high in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains in unmatched natural beauty where families and guests enjoy a lifestyle where all the best things in life become clear again.......

 Ranch/Farm stays -  Taking reservations now through Jan. 4th, 2015

A premier summer destination for families looking to break away from the herd, and reconnect with a simpler way of life. In this spectacularly beautiful backdrop  join  us for a glimpse of daily life on the ranch.  Stay in one of our log guest houses or camp in one of our bunkalow/teepee combo units.  Collect the eggs, rise early to help the ranch hands feed the animals, feast on the millions stars in the sky or enjoy a few more moments nuzzled  under the down comforters.   Taking reservations now for summer 2014 season.

 Your Events at The Great Western Hall -  Now through Dec. 30th, 2014

Celebrate your special event at one of the premier barns in the

Northwest - our Great Western Hall.  Click here for information about booking your wedding or other celebration at the Green Springs Box R Ranch.

Featuring All Natural Grass Fed Beef 


Our grass fed beef are raised on our mountain meadows ...raised like beef should be raised ....eating heritage grasses, taking in the fresh mountain air, drinking natural spring waters,  doing what beef do....roaming, eating, sleeping, and contentedly hanging with their herd.  Need great lean angus beef?  If you're among the growing breed of "eaters" who deeply care about your family and the food they eat.    Click here to find out more.