Exclusively Featuring Our All Natural Grass Fed Angus Beef in 2017   - Wow-licious!
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And now also available in the Portland area.  

Welcome to the Green Springs Box R Ranch in Ashland, Oregon, for 45 years one of the premier working cattle and guest ranches and event destinations in Oregon.  We're located high in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains in unmatched natural beauty .

Big changes have occurred starting in 2016.  We have sold a portion of the Box R Ranch property -  950 of our original 1500 acres including all our guests accommodations.  We are retaining  500+ acres for our ongoing all natural grass fed beef operations and still nourishing our beef on this beautiful 100 acre meadow, on our Jenny Creek properties, as well as on our other family owned ranch lands in Southern Oregon.    It's been an extraordinary adventure and life work for our family and our parents Don and Jean Rowlett for 45 years.  Now the second and third generation of Rowletts and Randalls are excited to focus on providing our exceptional all natural grass fed beef to customers for years to come.

The new owners of the guest facilities will continue to offer vacation stays, weddings and events under their new name The New Frontier Ranch. If you'd like to inquire about a vacation stay, a wedding, camping or an event you can contact them 

by calling 541-488-6715  or visiting www.newfrontierranch.com

 Our grass fed beef are raised on our mountain meadows ...raised like beef should be raised ....eating heritage grasses, taking in the fresh mountain air, drinking natural spring waters,  doing what beef do....roaming, eating, sleeping, and contentedly hanging with their herd.  Need great lean Angus beef?  If you're among the growing breed of "eaters" who deeply care about your family and the food they eat.    Click here to find out more about custom ordering a 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef.

 Our Premium grass fed ground beef is now available in 1 lb. quantities.  And it is definitely not your ordinary ground beef.   We take an entire steer, the steaks, the primes, the roasts...all the steer and include it in our custom ground beef blend.  It  can be purchased either from our Green Springs headquarters or in Jacksonville by appointment in 1 lb packs for $6.75/lb.  Deliveries of 10 lbs. or more of our premium ground beef can be arranged at drop off sites in the Ashland/Medford/Klamath area. And now available in the Portland area too. ($.25 per pound extra shipping Portland )

"Wow!  It's so exceptional!. Makes us wonder what we've been eating all these years from the grocery store that has been called hamburger" - the Goodman family, Long Beach, California during their stay at the Box R Ranch. 

"Oh my gosh!  So delicious and so much flavor.  I've already been back to buy more.  I don't think I can ever eat any other ground beef again."    Aquila Reed, Klamath Falls, Or.

Green Springs Box R Ranch, Ashland, Oregon