Premium all natural Grass-Fed Beef  Ashland, Oregon

Grass-Fed Beef Box R Ranch Ashland Oregon
Box R Ranch Grass-Fed Beef Ashland Oregon
Grass-Fed Beef Box R Ranch Ashland Oregon

How our grass-fed beef is raised....

Our cows produce one calf a year, usually born in the late winter or early spring.  Most of the herd is Black Angus or Black Angus/English cross breeds.  Each calf is weaned at about 650 to 700 pounds and as it grow it enjoys grasses from our high mountain pastures.  We also purchase young calves from other local ranchers and incorporate them into our herd.  It is in this pristine environment that the beef enjoy water from all natural spring waters and high mountain streams.  They are additionally nourished by free choice mineral blocks available to them daily.  No growth hormones are ever used.  From start to finish they are raised on pasture grass or grass hay in the winter.  That's why we call them our happy Box R beef.


At maturity, from 15-18 months old, these animals will be approximately 1100 to 1200 lbs. live weight and ready for sale.  They are not grain finished to add additional marbling or fat, thus the meat from our beef is naturally lean, healthy and delicious.  A local butcher comes directly to the ranch to farm kill and dress the animal and then it is taken to a local butcher shop to be hung, aged for two weeks and readied for custom butchering.  Your beef will be raised and processed in So. Oregon from start to finish.

Direct to customer pricing .... 

 Custom orders:    $4.00 per pound for whole or 1/2 grass-fed beef orders processed with a local butcher*                                                                      (Bones included if desired. Heart, tongue or liver $1 extra per pound for single items).                                  

                            $4.25 per pound for 1/4 beef orders or if you'd like your order processed  at a                                                                                    USDA facility* (Bones included if desired. Heart, tongue or liver $1 extra per pound for single                                                         items) 

                               $6.75/lb. for our Premium Angus all natural grass fed ground beef singles. Available by the pound.  (All                                                  the premium beef cuts (the steaks, the prime, the tips) all included in this mouth-watering                                                        custom Box R Ranch blend). We can do free deliver 10 lbs. or more to drop off sites in the                                                            Southern Oregon area .  Now available in the Portland area too! (shipping add $.25 lb.extra)

                                  Looking for just grass fed beef bones? Just heart, liver or tongue?  $3.00/lb as available

                                Restaurants or other wholesalers please contact us for additional info .                          

* With the exception of our premium ground beef (which is available in single 1 lb. packs - 10 lb. minimum)  custom order pricing is based on the hanging weight each custom reserved animal at the butcher shop which is usually around 55 - 60% of the live weight (see attached chart of facts.)  This price includes all costs associated with the handling and processing, cutting and wrapping of your custom order to your specifications.  This one price per pound includes every cut from juicy prime ribs, steaks, roasts to ground beef.  Our representatives will help you design your order to the specifications that suit your family and desire i.e. thickness of steaks, # of steaks per package, fat trim specifications, pounds of desired roasts, bones in versus boneless, etc.  The finished locker beef weight direct to your freezer will generally be 65-67% of the hanging weight, depending on the specifications of your custom order. 

How to Order/Availability

Your order begins with a reservation for this custom grass-fed beef with one of our representatives. We are taking orders for whole or ½ locker beef.  Availability from June until late fall or until supplies run out, so we recommend ordering early. 

Deposit due at ordering:  $700 for whole beef,   $400 for ½ beef.  $250 for 1/4 beef.   Balance upon delivery.  Our beef is available in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, and surrounding areas.  Shipping arrangements can also be made to the Portland and San Francisco Bay areas.

Please call Jesse @ 541-482-1873 to place your order or request additional information.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards accepted online.



Custom Order Beef Example

Live weight x (hanging weight percentage x custom carcass cut yield) = Your locker beef yield in pounds of meat


Average live weight example using average custom cut specifications: 


Grass-Fed Beef Box R Ranch Ashland Oregon

Dressing percentage is affected by:

  1. Gut fill: The more stomach fill at the time the live weight is determined, the lower the dressed weight.
  2. Muscling: A heavier muscled animal will have a higher dressing percentage than a light muscled animal.
  3. Fatness: A fatter animal will have a higher dressing percentage than a lean animal.

Hang weight carcass finished yield is affected by:

  1. Fatness: leaner animals will have higher finished carcass cutting yields than fatter animals.
  2. Muscling: more muscular animals will have higher finished carcass cutting yields than less muscular animals.
  3. Bone-in vs. boneless: This will dramatically affect carcass cutting yield.  If more boneless cuts are made, the finished carcass cutting yield will be lower.  If bone-in chuck roasts, rib steaks, T-bones sirloin steaks are made, the finished carcass cutting yield will be much higher than if boneless cuts are made.  It is important to note that the amount of edible meat will not change. If you get soup bones and short ribs, the carcass cutting yield will be higher than if you have these items de-boned and put into ground beef.
  4.  The amount of fat on the meat cuts:  if you request the butcher to leave more surface fat on the meat cuts, then the finished carcass cutting yield will be higher than if the meat cuts are closely trimmed.
  5. The leanness of the ground beef:  If a customer requests a very lean ground beef product (90% lean) then the overall yield will be slightly lower than orders with ground beef made into 75% lean ground products.

Pricing to Customer :   $4.00/lb for whole or 1/2 beef  based on hanging weight of each animal                                       

                                     or $4.25 lb. 1/4 beef orders or for USDA processed orders  

Pricing for wholesalers: Call our representative at 541-482-1873

Sample Approximate Hanging weigh above: 

 609 lbs. x $4.00 lb. = $2436 for whole beef (approximately 384 lbs. of finished beef)                                                                       

                                    or $1218.00 for ½ beef (approximately 192 lbs. of finished beef)

 or 152 lbs. x $4.25 for 1/4 beef = $646 (for approximately 96 lbs. of finished beef)

Still have questions?....Call us at 541-601-7496

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