In 1969 Don Rowlett purchased the Box R Ranch. It wasn’t much back then - a farm house and a couple of out-buildings on the Applegate Trail. But Don saw its potential, and over the next 45 years he turned it into one of Oregon’s premier cattle and guest ranches. It is in Don’s legacy that we continue this third-generation family business. In 2017 Jesse and Nick Randall (Don’s grandsons), along with their wives, took over the beef operation with a goal of continuing Grandpa’s vision: to providing the highest quality beef to customers, while being good stewards of the land and all of God’s creation. Throughout their lives both Jesse and Nick worked on the ranch, mentored by Don at every teachable moment. Nick would tell you that Jesse had a lot more teachable moments than he did. Jesse would tell you that Nick had it easier because he was the youngest. Either way, they learned a lot from Grandpa, and it will show with their excellent products and customer service.

(Left to Right) Jesse, Don, Kelsie and Nick