PREMIUM  GROUND STEAK                  $6.75 / lb.

We offer a premium all natural grass fed ground steak. We call it "premium" because it is unlike any ground beef you have ever tasted. Our USDA inspected ground beef comes from our 100% natural grass fed cows. It contains all the premium cuts (steaks, roasts, prime, tips - EVERYTHING) making it the most irresistible 85/15 blend of ground beef on the market.


Minimum orders of 10 lbs. or more are required for home delivery. Smaller quantities may be purchased at one of our great Southern Oregon distributors. See our PRODUCTS page for a current list of WHERE TO BUY. All orders are delivered frozen in convenient 1 lb. vacuum sealed packs. Read WHY GRASS FED to learn the health benefits of eating natural grass fed beef. 


Interested in featuring our beef in your restaurant? Call us today for wholesale pricing and bulk packaging!