“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

                                                                                - Mahatma Gandhi

Our animal’s health and welfare are our number one priority. They are raised with a holistic approach on open green pastures, in the Southern Oregon sunshine. We promote low stress, humane treatment of our naturally happy animals, just the way God intended.

BOX R BEEF runs as a “cow/calf operation.” This means we have mother cows that get pregnant every year and produce one calf. A cow’s gestational period is 9 months, making it a perfect yearly cycle for calf production. Once a calf if born, it stays by its mother side for approximately 9 months until it is weaned. Weaning is the process of separating the calf from its mother so she can prepare to have her next baby. To wean, we use the “fence line method.” This is when a calf is placed in an adjacent field to its mother, allowing them to always be able to see each other and touch noses through the fence.  This process incurs the least amount of stress for both mother and baby. After a couple months of rest, the mother’s milk and colostrum are replenished and she is ready for another calf to start the cycle over.

After the calf has been weaned, it lives on wide open pastures, grazing and soaking up the Southern Oregon sunshine. When the calf reaches approximately 1200 lbs. it is ready for butcher and consumption by you.

You may notice that we never mention feedlots or overcrowded confinement like seen in traditional “factory farmed beef” (aka what you buy at the grocery store). At BOX R BEEF, we believe in raising animals how nature intended: all natural and eating an all-grass diet. Grass is what cows were meant to eat, unlike the corn and grain diets they are given in the feedlots. Also, we never inject our animals with growth hormones or antibiotics. They are given wide open pastures, and raised with a holistic approach that results in a healthy, happy animal. Our way takes a little longer, but we believe it is the RIGHT WAY! You will taste the difference. Read our WHY GRASS FED to see all the health and environmental benefits of eating grass fed and grass finished beef.