WHOLE                                              $4.00 / lb.   (hang weight)

HALF                                                  $4.25 / lb.   (hang weight)

QUARTER                                           $4.50 / lb.   (hang weight)

Now offering: EIGHTH                         $8.00 / lb.   (finished weight)

All prices include cut and wrap

Our 100% natural grass fed beef is available in quarter, half and whole beef (and now 1/8th too!) that will fit into any family’s budget and freezer. Here’s how it works:

When you make your purchase, the animal is taken off the pasture and delivered to the butcher (we typically have animals ready for butcher all year long).  There, it is processed, aged to perfection, then cut and wrapped to your specifications.  This process takes approximately 4 weeks from the time you place your order to pick-up/delivery.  


Need your beef right now?  We seasonally have whole, half, quarter and eight’s beef processed and waiting in the freezer for immediate delivery.

Not sure which portion fits your family and budget best?  See the diagram below for more information on how we base our price.  Live weight is based on how much the animal weighs standing in the pasture.  Hang weight is based on that animals meat and bones.  Finished weight is based on the packed final product. 


1200 lbs. (average)


425 lbs. (approx.)

This is the amount of delicious grass fed beef that you will get to put in your freezer


635 lbs. (approx.)

Interested in featuring our beef in your restaurant or business? CALL US today for wholesale pricing!